Friday, August 7, 2009

The Obligatory Introduction

As much as I'd like to attribute the creation of my new blog to the recent release of the unsurprisingly mediocre film Julie & Julia, I must instead attribute it's genesis to my upcoming move to New York City from Austin, Texas (although imagine my own version of the blog in question from Julie and Julia - perhaps Jack and Jackie, in which I would attempt to watch all of Jackie Chan's movies in 365 days).

The basics? My name is Jack Kyser (real name: John Michael Kyser, Jr.), I am nineteen years old (as of two days ago), and I graduated in June from Stephen F. Austin High School in Austin, Texas. While in high school, I served as President of The International Thespian Society, and as a drama student starred in twenty-three productions over my four years with Austin High's Red Dragon Players; wrote film columns as the Entertainment Editor of the school newspaper, The Maroon; and served as Secretary of our National Honor Society chapter.

None of the above really matters, though, in college - it's a fresh beginning, so to speak, and I want to write home to Austin friends and family as I head off to New York University's Tisch School of the Arts on August 30th, 2009.

Expect this blog to feature the heralding of fine movies and theatre, semi-interesting experiences in a big city, and a display of unremarkable insights about the theatre and film worlds. I'll upload pictures and provide links to more substantial blogs (specifically, Roger Ebert's blog).

For fun, here is a picture of The Red Dragon Players winning the State Championship this past May for our UIL One-Act Play performance of "Over the River and Through the Woods," directed by AHS Theatre Directors Billy Dragoo and Tommy Grubbs. I am the male just above the center of the trophy. Also, here is a link to the Austin American-Statesman story written about our historic victory.

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